Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle, Inc.
Has Been In Business Ever Since 1963
In 1963, Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle started out wholesaling soft shell crayfish, creek, river, & lake shiners, chubs, suckers, helgramites, weedworms, and redworms that Brian Gates, the present owner obtained from the wild. Brian has had a Class A Bait Dealer & Guides license ever since.  In 1973 Brian and his wife, Nancy opened an 8 ft. by 20 ft. retail shop at their current location.

In 1979, Brian incorporated to Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle, Inc. and expanded the baitshop into the present 2400 sq. ft. retail shop.  He also expanded the guiding service to include all the large convention fishing parties for the Abbey Resort, Interlaken, Lake Lawn Lodge, and the Playboy Club. He also expanded his boat rentals and ice shanty rentals because of customer demand.

In 2001 Brian and Nancy built a new 8900 sq. ft. boat storage facility.  Also that year to meet customer demand for additional guiding they included Dan Mackowiak as a full time professional guide to help cover Geneva, Delavan, Como & other surrounding lakes.  Dans professional guiding also helps customers who want to go ice fishing as well as night walleye parties on Delavan Lake in Oct., Nov. & Dec.

Brian is still not satisfied,entering his 51st. year as a licensed Bait Dealer, Guide Service and Tackle Retailer, he is on the move to improve Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle, Inc. by expanding his Ice Jig selection, including several different Tungsten Ice Jigs.  If that is not enough, he is moving towards Pontoon Boat Rentals.  Brian Gates is always on the move to help his customer catch more fish.  Either by guiding or helping them make a smart decision on what bait or lures to use.
Photo of Brian Gates owner of Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle, INC.Brian Gates
No other man deserves more praise than Brian in having Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle, Inc. be the best bait and tackle shop in the area, bar none.  He is also one heck of a fishing Guide.
Photo of Dan Mackowiak, Brian Gates first professional fishing guide.Dan Mackowiak
Has been guiding for Brian since 2001.  His professional knowledge of fishing has made Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle, Inc. the center for fish guiding expertise.