Boat rentals by appointment only.
14-16ft Boats, 18-25hp, Tiller Steer Outboards: $63.30 Tax Included.
14-16ft Boats, 20-30hp, Rear Trolling Motor & Quality Fishfinder: $100.00 Tax Included.
CONTACT US AT (262) 245-6150
Photo of a fishing boat that Brian will rent.
Before we can rent our boats, the State of Wisconsin requires anyone who was born after January first 1989 to have a Boat Safety Certificate in his/her possession, and have it available for inspection by an enforcement officer.  To obtain this certificate, the individual must first get a I.D. by calling 1-888-936-7463.  He must then attend a Live Class, or go On-Line to pass the test in qualifying for the certificate. To find the nearest Live Class click on this "link". To go On-Line and take the test click on this "link".
We must have a fixed starting time and a fixed return time to assure that we are available to launch and retrieve rental boats.  There are additional fees associated with fishing boat rentals beyond Lake Geneva's Williams Bay, Lake Delavan, and Lake Como.  Renters who have their own suitable hitch end lights can launch and return boats at daylight hour of their choosing.

Boats cannot be left at launch areas at the discretion of the renter.  Therefore a signed imprinted credit card slip must be left as a deposit for boat rentals.  Boats abandoned at launch prior to return time or late at return time are subject to a $50.00 credit card forfeiture in addition to the rental fee.

Boats are intended for fishing only and a surcharge will be added for use of more than 6 gallons of fuel - most motors use 50 to 1 oil mix.  Using boats for swimming is not allowed.

We furnish 1 cushion and 1 wearable flotation device for each passenger.  Do not pick up additional passengers after launching.  Renter is responsible to verify wearable flotation before leaving launch.