Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle, Inc. Is A Licensed Taxidermy Agent
At one time or another, you or a member of your family will catch that one fish you have always been dreaming to keep and show off to your friends.  There is no better place to have it mounted than at Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle, Inc.

Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle, Inc. has been a taxidermy agent since 1985, and knows all the questions you would ask in having your prize fish mounted.  They have the storage and the expertize in knowing how to keep your prized fish safe and secured for mounting.  They also have a large display area as soon as you walk in showing the many mounted animals from fish, wild birds, small game up to and including large game animals.
Game Fish
$5.50 per inch.
Minimum $65.00

Trout & Salmon
$6.50 per inch.
Minimum $85.00
Fish mounts repaired

Full mount quote on Request
photo of the differendt kinds of fish and animals that Tom & Enid Nickel can do.


Deer Shoulder Mount

Full mount quote on Request.
Geneva Lake Bait & Tackle, Inc. has been an agent with Tom and Enid Nickel from "Authentic Taxidermy" for over 20 years.  They do have the lowest prices for quality work found anywhere. It's because of their experience in the field of Taxidermy.  Tom and Enid were both instructors at Dan Rinehart Taxidermy school in Edgerton WI. where Tom taught fish mounting & air brushing and Enid taught big game, small mammals and bird courses.  Enid also taught the same courses for 5 years at John Rinehart Taxidermy School in Janesville, WI.

Tom was the head of the Taxidermy Department as well as the fish instructor at Madison Area Technical Collage in Madison, WI. for over eight years, while Enid taught big Game, small mammals and birds at the same campus.

Enid's experience includes over 4,000 big game heads, many fullmount big game & small mammals & hundreds of game birds.  Tom has mounted over 3,000 fish for his happy customers.